This article gives a general overview of the steps involved

Filling a corner space has always been a natural thing to do when space has become a rare commodity. 75m minimum and height approximately 2m and above. Skirting boards and door architraves are fitted to the new en suite and the door is hung to open outwards to give maximum space inside the en suite. This article gives a general overview of the steps involved in adding an en suite but for a more detailed step by step description of adding an en suite shower room (minus the toilet) please see here. This will position the toilet further back against the wall saving you some depth for more spaces at the front. Depending were you are in the world, you might find code requires different space in front of a loo too - for example in USA minimum distance in front of a loo is 533mm. 3m) will be needed to provide a space of 11 cubic metres. Where space is limited careful planning of the workplace is particularly important. So unless you have enough depth space, you are better off with a round front model. The figure of 11 cubic metres per person is a minimum and may be insufficient if, for example, much of the room is taken up by furniture. Drop a smelly one in that small a space is going to be a nostril-clearing experience, how’s it set up for ventilation? Because the toilet sits opposite the door in many smaller bathrooms, a regular elongated toilet can restrict the size of the door or its swing. The Rialto, a one-piece round-front toilet by Kohler, is even smaller. Every room where persons work shall have sufficient floor area, height and unoccupied space for purposes of health, safety and welfare. The key is to use compact toilet (you can google it) and small sink and 70cm wide shower. The best time to install a wall hung toilet is when you are building a new powder-room or bathroom. More goes into a bathstore toilet system than you may think. We have a downstairs loo in a tiny space – I have just looked at the drawings and it is approx. Unless you plan to install under the stairs or some loft space with a low height. The option that doesn’t require a great toilet move would be as below but the toilet doesn’t fit, unless perhaps a corner unit, but it seems a bit clunky. Workrooms should have enough free space to allow people to get to and from workstations and to move within the room, with ease. Although this made a long thin room it gave ample space for a 1200 x 900 shower enclosure on one short wall, a basin on the one long wall and a toilet on the other short wall.